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Welcome to a new season with Fibrelastic

Welcome to Fibrelastic

Welcome to Fibrelastic®.

A natural turf pitch with a new feel that gives you less risk of player injury - a player out of action can cost a club a small fortune.

Protect your assets - the players - with a pitch based on Fibrelastic® Rootzone, designed to help reduce the risk of stress injuries to the ankle, knees and lower back.

Fibrelastic® Rootzone has been developed by Mansfield Sand, leaders in Fibre Reinforced Rootzone Technology, and suppliers to over 40 of the UK's top football and rugby clubs.

So, whatever your role, invest in Fibrelastic® and put a spring in everyone's step.

british rootzone and top dressing manufacturers association

BBC Sport

BBC Sport's John Inverdale on the benefits and technology behind Fibrelastic®

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